Artwork by C. Stevens

Artwork by C. Stevens

I began painting as a way to immortalize the haunting and isolated places I have travelled through.

Ouse Lake
Ouse Lake - 2005. Purchase a print
The Spruce Bog
The Spruce Bog - 2006. Purchase a print

"Your bold use of brilliant colours breathe the strength and resilience of our Pre-Cambrian Shield. Great work."

A. Simpson
Rosebary Lake
Rosebary Lake - 2007. Purchase a print
Grassy Bay
Grassy Bay - 2007. Purchase a print
Algonquin Wetland
Algonquin Wetland - 2006. Purchase a print

"Terrific landscapes, Cameron. It is such a treat to view new vistas of the world through your eyes."

M. Clarke
Frozen Island
Frozen Island - 2006. Purchase a print
Along the Tim
Along the Tim - 2005. Purchase a print
Moonlight - McIntosh Lake
Moonlight - McIntosh Lake - 2005. Purchase a print
After the Storm - Evening
After the Storm, Evening - 2005. Purchase a print

"Cameron, you paint the landscape in a personal, expressive way. The cold, lonely Canadian majesty shines through."

R. D. Tipton
Northern Lights
Northern Lights - 2005. Purchase a print
Raven Lake
Raven Lake - 2004. Purchase a print
Late Autumn Sunset
Late Autumn Sunset - 2004. Purchase a print
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