Big Rock Beer Ads

Award-winning Big Rock Beer Ads

Award-winning designs for Alberta’s best craft brewery.

Big Rock is a fantastic craft brewery located in Calgary, Alberta. If you’re like me—a beer enthusiast living in Ontario—we are missing out on about 75% of the fantastic beer flavours they have to offer, which is a crying shame.

For the past 20 years Big Rock has hosted their annual Eddies Awards Show: Calgary’s highest-octane mix of creativity and entertainment that celebrates the winning print and video advertisements created for Big Rock Beer by fans from around the world.

Big Rock Grasshopper Ad
Big Rock Warthog Ale Ad
Big Rock Grasshopper & Warthog Ale ads
Big Rock Eddies pre-party
The Big Rock Eddies pre-party
Big Rock Eddies
Big Rock Eddies - the theatre fills up with 2,000+ attendees

I first heard about the Eddies in 2012 and entered a print ad titled, “The Best Bits of Alberta” which garnered a 2nd place win. So I went to Calgary to collect...

I drew inspiration from 1930s and 40s Guinness Stout ads created by S.H. Benson advertising; primarily drawn by the artist John Gilroy.

I created both of the winning ads from scratch. Aside from the beer bottles in “The Best Bits of Alberta”, everything else was hand painted and sketched in Photoshop with a few elements created in Illustrator.

Cam on the big screen
Accepting my award
Standing by my award-winning ad
Standing by my award-winning ad
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