The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Complete redesign for BPAC’s 2019–2020 Season.

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre; a world-class theatre located in downtown Burlington.

As web and graphic designer at BPAC, my mission is to bring cohesiveness to the disconnected designs done out of house for the past 7+ years. This included bringing back the use of BPAC’s original colour scheme while adding complimentary colours, going back to the original architectural typeface found throughout the building, and completely redesigning the website.


BPAC web design by Cam Stevens

BPAC brochure cover close up

The original colour scheme has a sort of 60s vibe. I built on this by selecting an additional set of complimentary colours.

BPAC brochure close up

The colours could then be associated with different performance genres.

BPAC brochure close up

Finally, the brochure was organized by genre with colour and typeface working together.

Site Redesign

I also brought the design and management of BPAC’s site back in-house which drastically reduced cost and improved the user experience.

Burlington Performing Arts Centre site design by Cam Stevens

BPAC typography by Cam Stevens