Canada’s Parks Posters

Canada’s Parks Posters

The original, vintage-inspired Canadian park poster design series honouring Canada’s natural wonders.

Print, responsive web, landing page, and email design.

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, yet it is sparsely populated in comparison. The majority of its land is dominated by forest, tundra and mountains—a scenic paradise.

So, to honour our country’s natural wonders, I’ve been designing a collection of Canada’s Parks art prints.




Design & Development




Alignment, Balance, Colour theory, Contrast, Emphasis, Grids, Hierarchy, Negative space, Page layout, Proximity, Rhythm, Rule of thirds, Typography, White space


Brand development, Email design, Logo design, Print design, UI+UX design, Web design

Print Design

Designed specifically for high-quality, giclee printing on archival paper. My approach: appreciate and educate.

Each poster in the collection contains four facts about the park and the history of the area. Typically, Canadian parks fall in to three main categories: National, Provincial and Territorial parks. There is at least one National Park in each of our provinces and territories. There are countless provincial and territorial parks, leaving me with endless subject matter.

What began as a fun way to remember the places I love quickly became a project of passion and the portfolio continues to grow.

See them all and purchase prints at

Canada’s Parks Posters

Algonquin Provincial Park poster by Cam Stevens

Vintage travel appeal. Contemporary artwork designed to look like authentic, vintage travel posters.

Banff National Park poster by Cam Stevens

Stunning designs. Gorgeous colours, reminiscent of wood-cut and serigraph artwork from the 1920s-30s.

Garibaldi Provincial Park poster by Cam Stevens

All Canadian. Poster designs in honour of Canada’s great parks and natural wonders.

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Algonquin Provincial Park and Banff National Park prints

Canada's Parks Posters IRL

Canada's Parks Posters IRL

Canada's Parks Posters IRL

Web Design & Landing Pages

I designed and built a fully responsive site in order to house the growing collection of prints, as well as a landing page as a destination for ad and social campaigns.

Landing page

It’s important to follow some basic principles when building landing pages, such as:

  1. Explain the value of what’s being sold
  2. Explain how the value is being created
  3. A hero visual to illustrate the product
  4. Social proof in the form of data and testimonials
  5. A call-to-action
  6. Features and benefits of the product
  7. Handle objections by answering questions a potential buyer might ask, and finally,
  8. Don’t leave the audience hanging. Add another call to action.

Here’s an example

Canada’s Parks landing page design by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks web design by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks web design by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks web design by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks web design by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks web design by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks website by Cam Stevens

Canada’s Parks website by Cam Stevens

Email Design

I created a template for responsive emails sent to my newsletter subscribers whenever a new print is released.

Canada’s Parks email design by Cam Stevens