The City of Burlington

The City of Burlington

Redesigning a website for an entire city of almost 200,000 residents is not an easy task. Colour contrast, font size, navigation, readability and above all: accessibility come first and foremost.

There were two main goals for the new site for the City of Burlington: to be responsive; to simplify. We wanted to make the navigation more intuitive and declutter the content. Redesigning such a large site meant starting from the ground up, and the base of any site is the sitemap.

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The City of Burlington desktop
The City of Burlington desktop
The City of Burlington tablet
The City of Burlington tablet
The City of Burlington mobile
The City of Burlington mobile

Public focus groups were held where both city employees and members of the public were invited to help categorize and reorganize content for the new site. Entire walls were covered with post-it notes.

Once the sitemap was well under way, site design could begin.

Two concepts would be created and shown to the public for feedback and general preference. The vendor designed one concept while I designed the other with some valuable input from my trusty co-workers. Both concepts used the same navigation buckets determined from the previous sitemapping sessions.

Burlington focus group
Developing the Burlington sitemap
Burlington focus group
Presenting the two design possiblities

After multiple focus groups, online surveys and other public consultation, the results were overwhelmingly clear: my design was chosen and implemented!

Once the design direction was established the vendor could commence building the site.

I’m extremely proud of this work and very humbled by the co-workers that gave me input that led to such a fantastic product.

Burlington Hermes Gold Award
Responsive web design
Gold award for best government website design
Burlington sunrise
Burlington sunrise


Government Website: Gold
Hermes International Creative Award
2015 Hermes International Creative Awards

Municipal Website: Gold
MarCom Award
2015 MarCom - Marketing and Communication Awards

Website: Excellence
MISA Excellence Award
2015 Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) Ontario

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