Red Moon logo

Red Moon Packaging Design

Health supplement branding and packaging design concept.

Red Moon strives to provide clarity, simplification, and most importantly: a product that works well.

The packaging was designed to be easily recognized and stand out on store shelves. The arresting red and white really does make shoppers stop and look. The simple and direct panel text makes an otherwise confusing choice a natural one.

The logo was designed with a natural, human touch in mind as well. Using a hand-crafted typeface along with an image of a mountain: a natural symbol of strength, endurance, longevity, challenge, and triumph; Red Moon stands alone as an approachable, relatable product worth investing in.




Design & Development


February, 2016


Alignment, Balance, Colour theory, Contrast, Emphasis, Grids, Hierarchy, Negative space, Pattern, Proximity, Repetition, Rhythm, Rule of thirds, Typography


Brand development, Logo design, Packaging design, Print design

Red Moon packaging design and build by Cam Stevens

Red Moon logo design by Cam Stevens

Right Reaction site design and build by Cam Stevens