The Solar System poster

The Solar System

A smart and beautiful poster design series.

Being a bit of an astronomy nerd, I find it important that everyone has some knowledge of our little corner of the universe.

Too often I’ve heard people incorrectly describe the Earth’s moon as “a planet” *cringe*.

So in an effort to help tell the story of our solar system I’ve designed this series of informational posters. Those with a keen eye for detail will notice the backdrop of space starts quite bright at Mercury with no stars seen in the background. Then, realistically, the further we travel away from the sun, space gets darker and colder with more stars becoming visible.

The Solar System poster by Cam Stevens

The Solar System – Our Home Amongst the Stars

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Mercury poster by Cam Stevens

Mercury – The Swiftest Planet

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Venus poster by Cam Stevens

Venus – A Veiled Planet

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Jupiter and Mars prints

Earth poster by Cam Stevens

Earth – Our Pale Blue Dot

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Mars poster by Cam Stevens

Mars – The Red Planet

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Jupiter poster by Cam Stevens

Jupiter – King of the Planets

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Print Design

Designed specifically for high quality, giclee printing on archival paper. My approach: appreciate and educate.

Each poster in the collection contains 12 facts and a brief description of the planet, the planetary symbol and a scaled-down legend of orbital distance from the sun.

Saturn poster by Cam Stevens

Saturn – The Planet with Ears

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Uranus poster by Cam Stevens

Uranus – A World on its Side

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Neptune poster by Cam Stevens

Neptune – Last of the Giants

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The Solar System typography by Cam Stevens

The Solar System typography by Cam Stevens